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The COVID-19 pandemic affected our lives for a long time and we were constantly faced new challenges. It worried all of us. Back in early 2020 we, a group of educational tool developers in Finland, wanted to reach out to help all those teachers and students in danger of being confined in their homes without access to daily education. Therefore, we provided free resources to many of our tools that are best suited for distance learning. This way, we wanted to ensure our children keep on learning with tools that support teachers and students alike. Kids have now returned to schools but you can still get acquainted with these educational tools and start planning new ways of teaching today!


Fun and motivating math games designed for elementary school students and early learners.


Easy-to-use AR learning app and lesson plans provide you and your students with the opportunity to design and create in Augmented Reality.

Code School Finland

Coding, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for basic education. Certified teaching materials and lesson plans for multidisciplinary projects.


Engaging and fun exercises that improve learning results and decrease math anxiety.


EdVisto is an online video storytelling platform that transforms key social media elements into a powerful learning method designed for the education sector.

Elias Robot

Elias Robot helps students to learn languages by using AI, speech recognition and real conversations.


Your digital math notebook, virtual classroom and automatic math checker for middle school to university level mathematics.


When teachers connect, great things can happen. Freeed is a global discovery platform for teachers to connect, discuss and share resources and teaching tips.

Fun Academy

12 weeks of Astronaut Training for children for MIND(fulness) activities, BODY (Fundamental movement skill breaks) or STEAM based Mission tasks as homework.

Fun Chinese

Learn Chinese easily online anywhere, anytime. Perfect solution for upper secondary schools and universities.


Quick and easy way for upper level students to learn practical skills to improve personal and professional life, right on the mobile.

Kide Science

Story-based playful science lessons with video-guided experiments and lists of the needed supplies for families with 3-8 yo little scientists.


Kindiedays Pedagogical Management Solution helps educators and families to stay connected and support children’s learning with pedagogical activities and learning objectives.

Language Clubhouse

Helping educators, teachers and families to start teaching English to children 3-10 years with our online curriculum in a fun and active way.


Lyfta helps teachers to create memorable lessons and assemblies with inspiring human stories that nurture empathy, global awareness & critical thinking.


Mehackit brings technology and programming closer to teachers and secondary school students, using open source technologies such as Arduino, Processing and Sonic Pi.



Mightifier program is an easy, fast and effective way to keep up with your students’ positive mental well-being.

Moka Mera Lingua

Pedagogical and playful language-learning application for children. The languages available are English, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French and Chinese.


The Moneymaster mobile game is targeted at 7th–9th graders. Players learn about saving, investing and managing their own finances. You can play one or more game sections with your students and do the associated exercises.

Moomin Language School

Moomin Language School’s digital language learning service and research-based method help young children learn a foreign language in a fun and stress-free way.

Promentor Web

Interactive language learning and teacher tools for six languages with 80+ study modules. Distance learning for primary schools and lower and upper secondary schools.


Solution for teachers and students to enable use of digital learning materials. Use, share and upload digital learning material for yourself or share among other users.


A digital learning tool to effectively support remote teaching. Teachers can give out tasks for students and follow their completion whereas students can document and do self-assessment on their studies at home in Qridi learning journal.


Teach and learn languages remotely. The platform supports up to 16 languages, create your own courses and share it with your students


Sanako Connect enables teachers to set up real-time language classes for distance learning.

School Day

School Day is the best app to help your students feel good and improve their social-emotional skills. Sign up for our FREE Teacher Subscription and get unlimited access to intervention strategies, CASEL-aligned lesson plans, and much more!


Turn your lesson plans into an interactive online game in minutes. With Seppo, you can implement pedagogy into an engaging online learning experience.


Solution to create visual experiences for student-centered learning at home and in class environment.


TinyApp - worlds’ smartest pedagogical assistant for teachers. TinyApp assists you in planning and sharing learning materials with parents and children.


TypingMaster is a developer of keyboarding solutions that will take your students from beginner level all the way to touch typing mastery.


Fast content creation, assignments and discussions online. The e-learning platform provides sophisticated learning analytics and real time reporting on course accomplishments.

Education Finland

Education Finland is a governmental cluster programme supporting the education providers in their growth on the international market. The member companies represent the best Finnish expertise from all aspects of education – following the principle of lifelong learning. It includes also solutions beyond Edtech presented on Koulu.me

Koulu.me — Finnish education apps for distance learning

The aim of the Koulu.me is to bring together Finnish educational apps of certified pedagogical quality used by hundreds of schools in Finland. We want to help teachers to discover new educational tools and complement the traditional ways of teaching, especially for distance learning.

With these apps and resources, the teachers can

  • Find engaging ways to educate students in problem solving, maths, science or design by means of gaming and AR
  • Discover visual tools for remote teaching and for organizing their teaching ideas
  • Find complementary or alternative ways to educate students despite distance

Choose the most suitable solution for your classes’ educational needs via Koulu.me!

Free access to education, offering distance learning tools during coronavirus
Free access to education, offering distance learning tools during coronavirus

Education to everyone with love from Finland

Education as a fundamental human right lies at the heart of UNESCO’s mission and is part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1963, the Finnish Parliament made the bold decision to bring public education to the forefront for economic recovery. We understood that if we want to be competitive, we need to educate everybody. It all came out of a need to survive.

Today, Finland is widely considered as the country with one of the most successful education system in the world and we want you to experience it through some of the educational online tools we showcase on this site.

You may have heard the Finnish word sauna before, now we are teaching you a new one – koulu. It means school. The best in the world.

Laura Koponen, Spinverse, koulu.me - distance learning, coronavirus

About this project

My name is Laura Koponen and I am the Vice Chair at Spinverse, an innovation consultancy company who strongly believes that innovative solutions can help tackle global challenges. I have Ph.D. in Cognitive technology and have always had a strong personal interest in the topic. I’m also a mother of two sons aged 11 and 13 who at the time of the start of the COVID outbreak repeatedly asked what happens if schools close their doors. 

From this perspective, we wanted to do something tangible to help people who are facing the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Among others, hundreds of thousands of children and their teachers got confined in their homes. We decided to reach out and find tools to help distance learning. As a result, we contacted developers of Finnish online education tools and set up Koulu.me site where teachers around the world can get access to tools that help them in their challenging task in the coming weeks.

Last but not the least, I want to thank all the good people from the Finnish edtech companies for making their resources available during those exceptional times. 
Read our press release here in English and here in Finnish.

For more information about this project, please contact Laura Koponen: